Sunday, October 15, 2017

Katy Who? Piss Off.

With a capital 'P.'

Apparently, only women are allowed to be sickened by Harvey Weinstein, this random liberal harpy has picked up the microphone; let's all "gather" to hear her exalted wisdom:


I hear you.
You are shocked.
You have daughters.
You wish to express your outrage and solidarity with women.
You wish to let us know that you would protect us from harm.
You think Harvey Weinstein is a monster.
You proclaim that WE must ALL do BETTER for our WOMEN.

None of this is "incorrect." These are all "right" answers. And I know you genuinely feel upset and angry and staggered at the scope of the crime.

But I'm going to bring you into the inner circle right now, guys:


We can't afford to.

Spare me, honey. The men you know? They're all liberal. Trust me. A conservative man wouldn't get within 10k miles of a liberal harpy like you. And when I mean liberal man, I mean MANGINA. Feminist lackey, wears whatever his wife tells him to, bows before female opinion and just repeats what you say.

Conservative men saw this story before it was even written - about 40 years ago. When Hollywood got just STUPID rich, and producers, studio execs, and slimey middle men like no-talent Wein-slime came into power dealing and selling smut. Smut - you know, movies showing a stud muffin male actor conquering the world (alpha male) and some actress playing a flirty girl that steals his attention and winds up with him in the end after an all-too-short chase (he gets around to conquering her) period? Yeah. Boy-girl fantasy crap that adults laugh at. That stud doesn't exist and if he does, he runs through two dozen women like that before being put out to pasture. Women watch those movies as much as men; oh, pardon me. LIBERAL women watch those movies as much as men. They were designed just for men, of course, because no traditional, grown woman in 1970 believed that crap, or wanted to be the woman used for quick sex, but the new generation of young girls came into being and their "suspicion" that giving their body to the alpha male would work all along, was confirmed by the sensationalistic crap Harvey and pals put out. Havey amassed a small fortune and being about as attractive as a rotting tuna carcass, he started extorting women for sexual favors and humiliating them.

Actual MEN, of which you know none, Ms. Katy, saw this coming a mile away. Traditionally, the business world has been male-dominated. That's a good thing, not a bad thing. Its a back-stabbing world that often gets political. Any decent woman is disgusted by it and avoids it for the most part - or used to. Quality men put up with it because they must, but they can't stand watching a product division go down because an idiot is in charge of it yet won't be removed because he was hand-selected by a bigger idiot. My boss is a sweet guy, but I've spent 6 months trying to get him to choose what HIS boss has been begging for and what OUGHT to be delivered out the door. And men are married by women who see a future CEO in their husband, so old men are loathe to replace each other with their mutual fear - younger, smarter, more talented men - THAT causes a LOT of trouble on the home front with wives planning to send 3 kids to private college.

Men are supposed to bring home tons of money, because that is what their WIVES demand, so they slit each other's throats trying to climb the corporate ladder. So how does a male heifer like Mr. Wien-slime climb the ladder? With backstabbing, rumor, lies, cheats, and extortion - all to gain leverage; he attained so much leverage he started openly attacking women for sex. Again, only a liberal playboy even dares such behavior, and Hollywood is full of liberal playboys - they get rich from the movies and then start sleeping around, and the women, also wanting to nab one of these playboys, claim that this behavior is ok; after all, if you swing and miss, you might connect with the next alpha male (in actuality, usually another liberal playboy). So game on. Oh and the rules entail the men can never judge her based on how many times she's swung and missed (probably a lot). The liberal playboys smell the game, by the way, and with the absurd divorce laws in place, they do all that they can NOT to get married. And the ones that do are taught harshly when their wife up and decides they have "irreconcilable differences," and cashes out to the tune of $100 million. Yes, some of these men cheat, but most men are not in a rush to get $100 million dollars poorer. Give me a break.

But back to Ms. outrage. Oh, the men aren't outraged enough? Oh, they must be lying? Why?

Again, a description of modern, liberal men:

I know and like hundreds of nice guys, and I trust 3 men on this entire fucking Earth.

Gentlemen, no matter how nice you are, how many lady friends you have, how happily married, how many daughters you have sired, and how many chick flicks you've watched and then said, "Hey, that was actually pretty good," 99.9% of the women in your life are reserving about 10% of their opinion of you. We are waiting.

We are waiting for you to have too many drinks one night. We are waiting for you to compliment our new jeans in front of the boss at work. We're waiting for you to interrupt us and explain our experience back to us - "You weren't actually catcalled, he just really liked your shirt." We aren't waiting because it's fun, or we're crazy. But because it happens. all. the. fucking. time. We have to hang back a bit and wait for your inner dirtbag to show himself because experience has shown us that he always fucking does.
I see. All men are dirtbags and we're just "hiding" it 90% of the time. Right. The "hundreds" of nice guys she knows are not nice. They're pushovers or else trying to be polite to a TOTALLY BRAINWASHED liberal harpy without telling her her ideas are whacko, impossible, and resulting in tons of single mothers, pushover boys and domineering women.

She doesn't trust 3 men. She trusts zero. But if the "hundreds" she knows told her what they really thought of her and the hordes of brain-dead liberal women like her, trying to run the western world, she would trust them, because then they wouldn't be agreeing with her every faux outrage.

Let's have one of those:

"You weren't actually catcalled, he just really liked your shirt."

No, that's a pushover's line. What he really wanted to say, but didn't want to put up with your shrill feminazi screams was "Your shirt is WAY too tight and revealing. The guy can't even use his imagination to picture what's under it - I don't care how COMFORTABLE it is, its indecent, its immodest, its overtly sexual, and unless you are looking for sex WITHIN THE HOUR, you should change, you are BROADCASTING your figure for sex. WAKE. UP."

But of course, he can't say that cuz the legion of shrill liberal harpies descend upon him with "How DARE you! She, why.... she can wear whatever she wants!"

No. dipshit. She can't. Not without CONSEQUENCES. You're about to tell me I'm justifying her being raped - and that's just how brain dead you are. No, I mean, the consequences of being catcalled - she is STIMULATING horny, aggressive, testosterone-filled men. This is a TEASE to men who cannot have her and they will reveal their bitterness by trying to shame her to 1) cover up 2) go broadcast somewhere else 3) wake up and understand she's being overtly sexually aggressive in her dress 4) be receptive to their advances. Men are scared, fragile human beings with feelings JUST LIKE WOMEN, and they don't like being teased. Sleep with us, or move on, is what the men are saying. They are sick of being teased at work, at home, at church, in the parking lot, the grocery store, the movies, the beach, the theater, our kid's school, in our cars, at bars, and at the gas station.

Women walk around my office (with an air and attitude) wearing SKIN TIGHT, and no, I don't mean "fitting," sheer, black or flower-patterned yoga pants CLUNG to their bottoms - PAINTED ON. This is WILDLY inappropriate. Some of these women are 21, 22. They have tight, voluptuous butts. A woman's butt is a sexual object - don't lecture me, I did not make it so. Wrapping it in sheer tight anything ISN'T professional or appropriate for an office; Hell, its not appropriate ANYWHERE in public. So if you wear it, fine, BUT EXPECT SOME STARES AND SOME CAT CALLS. Also? Grow a brain. And some modesty while you're at it.

Again, she misses it:

Really? Really. REALLY? Pay a-fucking-ttention, CHAD. When you chew up fifteen minutes of my day expressing your total galloping dumbfounded astonishment that the guy that every woman in Hollywood knew was a predator turned out to be a fucking predator, that tells me three things: 1) You don't talk to very many women about what it's like to be a woman, and 2) You don't listen to me, ever, and 3) you don't believe women when they tell you that something feels creepy, off, or weird about Harvey.

Yes, madam, REALLY. We don't believe you. Why? WE ARE NOT ALLOWED to. Why? Because every time an actual MAN says you are wearing a slut-uniform and acting profane, we get the feminazi manifesto about how its perfectly fine to wear long underwear to the office, gym, and grocery store, and that pervy men come onto you. NORMAL men don't come onto you because we're sick of your false lectures and we are APPALLED at your in appropriate dress. You know who that leaves you exposed to? At the mercy of in some cases? THE PERVS. The Pervs like Wein-slime rise up and suddenly you are the girl who cried wolf. When a normal guy saying "nice shirt" is a dirt bag, that means your next faux outrage panic attack is also dismissed, and when it turns out to be genuine, the men ARE pissed and confused. But yeah, a SMALL part of them is not really stunned. A dirt bag rose up and found a way to strike back at the girls that shot him down in high school. Well he's a nasty dirt bag and he can swing from the gallows, but when conservative men are told to step aside and shut-up, this is the kind of liberal grab-ass trash you can expect to slip through the cracks. Afterwards the women (don't say "ladies"), go running back to the conservative men, like naive daughters run back to their fathers, to complain that dad was right all along and this man wasn't going to help you or marry you, but was just using you for his own purposes.

No shit, Sherlock.

When did conservative men get shoved aside? Around 1955; that's when men last treated women with a lot of respect, and women didn't dress like sluts outside of the bedroom, ever. They even covered their heads in church as a sign of modesty - look that word up, Ms. Katy, it is surely foreign to you. Men respect modesty - that's just ONE of the reasons why they don't respect you. Oh, and when is the last time you called a man "sir?" Yeah. Read and learn.

Oh, and the animated .gifs of men "leering" at women? Replace the one of the man saying "nice tatoos." There's nothing wrong with saying nice tattoos to a woman. I've said it before and the girl replied "thanks very much" and smiled. 

Again, more faux crap stemming from being around liberal men:

Have you ever felt entitled to a woman's time or energy?
Have you ever talked over a woman coworker or excluded her from a project because it would be easier socially without her?
Have you ever been annoyed when a woman caused a problem with a complaint against a co-worker?
Have you ever interrupted a woman?
Have you ever felt angry at her when she was direct with you?
Have you ever called your ex crazy?

Have you ever looked the other way when someone was being an asshole to a woman?

Just because you aren't this particular brand of dirtbag doesn't make you Maya fucking Angelou, Chad. You have misogyny in you. Everyone does. Every man in America can do better at respecting women, and I include in that statement literally every man in America. Did I fucking stutter?

If you want to be a friend to the ladies, stop being shocked. I seriously cannot get over everyone's SHOCK. Every time you're STILL FUCKING SHOCKED, it insults me.
Let's help "Katy" out here:

Have you ever felt entitled to a woman's time or energy? Yes. If I'm in a relationship with her and breaking my back for her, I expect something like that in return; if it doesn't come, I leave. Women think men are running after 14 women at once these days it seems, and discount how much our time is worth; this typically blows up in their faces. Also, many men live alone and spend their lives alone BY CHOICE. This is pretty freaking amazing considering just 70 years ago we were begging for a woman's hand in marriage at 18 years old.
Have you ever talked over a woman coworker or excluded her from a project because it would be easier socially without her? Sometimes, yes. When a woman (or man) is hung up on respect and authority and not the work, this is a huge issue that derails the ACTUAL PROJECT. Some women are great at communication and doing good work and I am happy to include them.
Have you ever been annoyed when a woman caused a problem with a complaint against a co-worker? Holy shit, this is a great one. I know about 42 women who find SOMETHING to bitch about in other women at work, so YES, I've been annoyed. I get annoyed at whiney, annoying people with a chip on their shoulder. Most do.
Have you ever interrupted a woman? Yes, and men too. Equally. SO WHAT?
Have you ever felt angry at her when she was direct with you? Who? A coworker? I don't think I've met 3 direct women in my whole life. 2 of whom were only direct when they wanted something or were blaming me for something. Whenever it was their turn to take responsibility, they had a litany of excuses on hand and suddenly became quite indirect.
Have you ever called your ex crazy? I had an ex-gf in college who came to my apt, let herself in, slept in my bed when I wasn't there, made it, left and that's how I found it the next day; she then broke into my place a few months later at about 3 am and asked to sleep in a bed next to me while I slept because some guy she was after didn't take an interest in her and left her at a bar nearby, drunk. So, uh, YES, I've called CRAZY PEOPLE, CRAZY. What the f@ck does this question even mean? Should a man not call a crazy person crazy? Breaking and entering is A FUCKING CRIME, genius. And men don't listen to you? I am so surprised.

Every man in America can do better at respecting women, and I include in that statement literally every man in America. Did I fucking stutter?
Is this supposed to be a joke or something? Men don't respect women because they've rigged the educational system and divorce laws to favor them - HEAVILY. They are legally allowed to steal. If a man has a relationship with a woman at work that goes south, he can be fired, but never her. If he accidentally says something she takes the wrong way (asperger's people do this often), he'll be fired. Women are a mine field. If she gets pregnant by one man, but tells another its his child THERE IS NO PENALTY, but rather she may enjoy the income of both men in certain states; she is literally REWARDED for lying, cheating, and stealing. Women insist on dressing sexually aggressively, but disregard the consequences for doing so. They sleep around but demand respect (???) and blame men for not marrying them when marriage is an invitation to divorce and bankruptcy for most men. They demand respect ex post facto. False rape allegations can be used as a weapon, Title IX has made men second class citizens as has the Violence Against Women Act. Men are fed up. Many men don't even SPEAK to women - AT ALL. Anywhere! The few remaining men scoff at the Wein-slime. He's a liberal. Bending the law, bribing, cajoling, calling in favors, using people. Telling lies. No, Ms. Katy, or whatever your name is, actual MEN actually HATE that liberal Hollywood prick.

Its just that shrill feminazi harpies like you don't know any real men, and so long as you advocate for a double standard and demand respect for swindling, thievery, immodesty, cheating, and lies, you never will.

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