Monday, October 23, 2017

More Jerk Cops - Rapists this time.

What to even say here..... Hang the two cops from a lamp post. What a couple of assholes. Pardon me: FELONY assholes.

Women are out complaining and whining about being stared at as they walk down the street in barely-there, sheer, skin-tight clothing (why exactly does that surprise you, ladies?), and here we have an innocent girl being RAPED AT GUN POINT BY THE POLICE - where is CNN? Where is the modern media?

And after the cops are CAUGHT with their DNA on the victim, who they pulled over for a traffic stop, they admit they had sex with her (oral sex with one, more with the other), and then claim.... it was CONSENSUAL!?!?!? HOW STUPID ARE THESE FREAK "police?"

ARMED MEN, with the full authority of the state, take into their custody a 5'2" TEENAGE GIRL and then claim she WANTED to have sex with them? WHY WOULD SHE WANT TO SUDDENLY HAVE SEX WITH TWO STRANGE MEN?

JESUS. H. CHRIST ALIVE. Fire them both FOR STUPIDITY NOW. Never mind they raped a girl at gunpoint WHILE ON DUTY, ABUSING THEIR AUTHORITY in the worst possible way. They are on "modified duty" now!?!?!? WELL THE WOMEN OF THE NEIGHBORHOOD WILL SLEEP BETTER AT NIGHT THEN, EH CAPTAIN? JESUS! They're still on the street! Sexual predators, armed, and wearing badges, ARE STILL. ON. THE. STREET. Being PAID by the state. The state is now HARBORING sexual predators.


These armed men INTIMIDATED. A. GIRL. into sexual acts and then claimed..... it was her idea? Or that she didn't refuse, so therefore, its all fine?

WHERE ON EARTH DO THESE PEOPLE COME FROM? Anything with a heartbeat and two eyes is given a badge and a gun and put on the street.

Oh, p.s., the cops found prescription pills that belonged to the passenger in the car, but they were "loose and not in the bottle," (oh, no), so they detained..... the driver. Who did not own or possess the pills. at all. And the driver happened to be a petite girl whom they both had sexual acts with (gee, did they threaten her with a big drug sentence if she didn't)? And then they charge her with.... nothing. Took her into custody.... but did not charge her with a crime? Uh, so if they are telling the truth and she broke the law and then had sexual intercourse with them, doesn't that mean they accepted a BRIBE?

They're monsters. And assholes. FIRE THEM. NOW. At an absolute bare minimum this is EXTREMELY POOR JUDGEMENT, and from there escalates to a felony. Throw the book at them. What pricks.

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