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Dad Assassination Hijacked: TRUTH UNCOVERED

How BAD have things gotten?

The following BLATANT ATTEMPT to simply trash a dad's name; a man who worked his butt off to earn a great income to share with his family, has failed even before it really began. The following article was posted and nearly immediately shot down by knowledgeable readers WHO ARE TOTALLY FAMILIAR WITH THE SCAM, which is of course, give a sob story of some woman who is without her husband (without mentioning whom divorced whom or why), and then cry for her and HER poor children because she's not getting HIS EVERY LAST CENT. After this man's wife divorced him, he agreed to give her a huge chunk of HIS money because he loved his children. Only when she decided to GO FOR EVERY NICKEL did he decide NOT TO BE HER PERSONAL SLAVE. Men don't decide to leave from greed. They see that they will not be LEFT ENOUGH OF THEIR OWN MONEY TO LIVE ON and VOILA, the decision is made for them. "Oh Hey You, you can stay in this country, but we're taking all but $1,000 dollars of your money every month." Well then, I'm going, because I simply can't afford to stay, no matter how hard I want to!



Is Canadian Man World's Worst Father? Abandons Son, 10, With Cancer

Tue, July 3, 2012 3:03pm EDT by Hollywood Life Staff 32 Comments
Is Canadian Man World's Worst Father? Abandons Son, 10, With Cancer

After being ordered to pay child support that he couldn’t afford, a Canadian man moved to the Philippines and abandoned his four children, including a son with cancer and a daughter with Down syndrome — is he the world’s worst father?

Hans Mills, 53, was ordered to pay $4,000 in child support to his ex-wife to help support their four children. Claiming he was unable to pay the high amount, Hans sent his ex-wife an email informing her that he had left the country!

On November 2, 2011, he wrote, “The result of the legal instrument you recently designed and implemented is there’s no possibility of a comfortable life or (secure) retirement for me in Canada at all. Therefore I have left the country to seek greener pastures elsewhere, and will never return. Well done, Einstein. Good luck and goodbye.”
Hans left behind four children who desperately needed his support: a 19-year-old son who is a drug addict, a 17-year-old daughter who suffers from depression, a 14-year-old daughter with Down syndrome, and a 10-year-old son suffering from cancer.
The father of four is now remorseful for so quickly abandoning his children. In an interview with, Hans confessed, “I did a terrible, awful thing, because I had no reasonable option. I miss my children terribly. I abandoned Canada, but not my children.”
Although he says he regrets his decision, he still claims he will “never, ever, ever, ever” pay his child support or return home to his children.
Hans has a history of financial problems and claims that as his reason for abandoning his children. We think there is absolutely no excuse for abandoning your children EVER. What do you think? Sound off below!
HollyMoms, do you think Hans Mills is the worst father ever?
– Jenny Pickard

Reader comment:

The question you should be asking is if Donna Mills is the worst
mother ever. You are not including all the facts of the story to
make it seem like Hans Mills is at fault, even though he clearly
isn’t if you read the original story in the Toronto Star.

So here are some of those facts:
1. Hans Mills was earning $100,000 / year (a top 10% income level in Canada), which is $60,000 after Canadian taxes. The support payments would have left him with $1000 / month on which to live. Rent for a crappy apartment in Toronto would have consumed all of that, leaving him no money for anything else. [JB: LIKE FOOD!]
2. The crazy family court system in Ontario awarded Donna $4000/month with no consideration at all for Hans’ ability to pay. They also ordered Hans to pay retroactively as well as pay for Donna’s court costs. [JB: WTF!?!?!?]
3. Donna Mills, on the other hand, has a university degree and is
qualified as a teacher, but refuses to get a job.

4. Donna was getting $2500 / month from the government for her kids, $2000 / month from the rent on a separate apartment in her house, plus the original child support payments that Hans was making for over 3 years before Donna decided she wanted more and used the court system to get spousal support payments.
5. The reason she was not getting spousal support payments before (this is distinct from child support payments) is because as part of the divorce settlement, she got to keep the house in lieu of Hans paying spousal support (although he agreed to pay child support). That house is worth $1.2 million and has $600K in equity on it.
6. On top of all that Donna had full custody of the children and has used it to poison her children against their father (teaching her 10-year old son the word “deadbeat”, for example).
So who is the worse parent? The man who had to make a very difficult choice to escape a life of poverty and economic slavery?.Or a woman who could make $600K from selling her house and who could also get a job, but who would rather reduce her ex-husband to the poorhouse so she doesn’t have to? Then she enlists a newspaper to track him down and try to make him into a monster. But this backfired because the commentary on the Toronto Star website is 99% against her.

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