Thursday, August 23, 2012

No Honey, You're Not a Liberal

You can't believe how many female friends, friends of friends and wives of buddies tell me they consider themselves "liberal."

I don't think they understand what that word means these days.

Understand something, dear, dear reader.

WE ARE ALREADY LIVING IN THE MOST LIBERAL TIMES THE WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. The United States is the wealthiest country in the world, the wealthiest the world has EVER known. Wealth has consequences. Unless you skipped that portion of history called the ROMAN EMPIRE, you will know that.

Wealth has consequences.

It makes it much easier to live life with liberal excesses.

This ultimately has disastrous consequences on society. The United States has only a loose society, at all, to begin with. 

From Wikipedia: A society, or a human society, is a group of people related to each other through persistent relations, or a large social grouping sharing the same geographical or virtual territory, subject to the same political authority and dominant cultural expectations.

You are not related to your neighbor. Nor is he related to you. We are not a collection of families who have intermarried. People can move freely in this country and communities are not always made up of families. 

And our "persistent relations" are not very persistent. Constant and excessive exposure to digital media, t.v., entertainment, mobile devices, games, sports, and pornography make satisfying primal human needs easier WITHOUT THE COOPERATION OF ANOTHER HUMAN BEING.

Secondly, the easy and quick satisfaction of animal needs and impulses make people less willing to work very hard to earn what they want, especially when it comes to human companionship and sex. 

All of this has had disastrous consequences on females. Women are naturally drawn to the inclusionary nature of family, communities, and society. The village of hunter-gatherer societies is where women's instincts were honed for millions of years. The same goes for men. A family and a community provide women with a lot of protection and safety. Physically, they are family members and are considered important. Emotionally, they have even greater protections; they have lots of acquaintances. They have access to information about everyone. Every one is a known entity. Women don't 'gossip' for pleasure. They NEED it. It provides them with a context for their environment. If you're a regular person in a regular town but you don't talk to anyone and they don't talk to, you might be confused to see everyone buying lobster every day and driving fancy cars; but if you later learned that the town was full of lots of oil money and retired stock brokers, you would be less surprised; further, you would view people differently. And if you charged them money for services you provide, you might be apt to charge them more, knowing their circumstances. 

Women rely on this type of information even MORE SO. They are choosing men to breed with. They are driven by THE NATURAL INSTINCT to choose a dominant male. They need to know the social strata of those around them. Who is the smartest man? The strongest? Not all men are created equal. And women don't want to waste their prime on men who are not fit for them. Perhaps they, as women, are not the cream of the crop - in which case they are looking for a beta male, that is, a male more akin to them in social strata. Not as fast or as strong as the best males, but not a weakling either. 

Women have lost the village. We are no longer in villages and much is not known about potential mates. This has women REELING. They have no known constants; they are awash in variables they must figure out. 

In the absence of the villages and all the stability it provides women, women have clung to alternatives. Their instincts are ADRIFT without the known constants their instincts are searching for. Like only being given the hint to the question you are asking and never receiving the answer. This drives most women to the Democratic party of CONgress. 

The Dems promise a warm blanket of security. Money for you when you are old, health care to pay for the baby you plan to have, abortions for when you don't want the baby, and lots and lots of police and bureaucracy - all aimed towards keeping you safe and providing you with information. Money for college, loans, grants, etc.. All aimed at supporting the family that women plan to have.

Freedom is not on any woman's agenda, its not on any woman's mind. Women don't complain about corruption. They're not worried about new laws eliminating your rights. 

WOMEN WANT GUARANTEES, EVEN IF CLOAKED IN LIES, DECEIT, OR GRAFT. Democrats give guarantees to women. Republicans have difficulty making the same lies quite as well, but they're absolutely no better.

Now, PROFESSIONAL POLITICIANS - unlike, normal, stupid people - know they don't have to DELIVER ANYTHING. They over-promise, they under-deliver, or never deliver. Year after year, term after term. Different presidents come and go, different politicians come and go. Progress is earned with hard work and discipline. And that's all there is to it. Politicians don't provide that. 


Women hate the idea of wealth not being redistributed or "controlled." They hate the idea of a lack of control over anything, period. They want their families and their men chained to them. Its a natural instinct but as the anxiety of women in the West has spiked (and anti-depressant use with it), their demand for guarantees has increased as well. Social insurance. 

Do ALL women demand these things. 

Absolutely not. Many are loving, trusting wives. 

However, let's be clear. Marriage is a CONTRACT. Its no guarantee. MORE AND MORE women simply cannot muster the faith for long-term marriage. They are jaded; they've foolishly been told it is not simply socially acceptable, but DESIREABLE to sleep around from the time they are barely 14 or 15, they're bombarded with advertising that makes them feel inadequate, and they may be surrounded by co-workers or friends who suggest to them mistrust, doubt, and betrayal. They are misled, misraised and then lead right over a cliff. Its a setup. Marriages don't fail by accident. A confluence of factors is tearing them apart. Women: typically considered the center of any marriage, are the primary target. Society is failing women and mothers and fathers are failing their daughters. 

And after all the liberal excesses which have ruined their life (or at least gave it a good start down the drain) have been thoroughly washed over them, these grown women look you right in the eye and declare: "I'm a liberal."


So you want to sleep around, swear, have the child of a man you will never marry, have your children call you by your first name, party like a sloppy teenager, drink to excess, blame others for your problems and your mistakes, live in debt, and generally live a life of no responsibility and no consequences?

No the truth is, women are liberal ONLY WHEN IT COMES TO DIVORCE OR GETTING THEIR OWN SELFISH WAYS, such as having a child out of wedlock, buying a house or car (or clothes or shoes or handbags) they cannot afford. (and yes, men can also insist on being selfish, but in different ways). 

But when it comes to dating and courting and romance, and well, the rest of life in general women are CONSERVATIVE AS HELL.

These people who demand to live self-indulgently otherwise suddenly expect their boyfriend-to-be to forget he ever had a selfish thought in his life. They want building doors opened, chairs pulled out, car doors opened, ALL BILLS PAID, flowers, gifts, dinners, trips and all the things that would be appropriate for the courting of a royal princess. Yes, some women are quite understanding and will offer to help out with these things, but HELPING OUT is as close as it gets for a guy; and truth be told, most women would rather HE PAY FOR EVERYTHING, NO QUESTIONS ASKED. 

It is a fact that women who are the breadwinners in their families wind up resenting their husbands for not being more dominant and ambitious. Its is also a fact that women whose husbands are dominant breadwinners report themselves as being happier and more satisfied. DUH.

Yes, when it comes to romance, and basically anything else, women want an alpha male. Women are instantly ULTRA conservative. 

And should divorce come up (as it does 60% of the time) women REMAIN as conservative as they were born. Despite earning the predominant share today of college and post-graduate degrees (yes, a a fact), women demand alimony (really!?!?) and 'child support,' but child support is a two word term with no relation to provide "basic needs" to a child, which a college educated woman can easily provide herself. Child support is COMPLETELY about bankrupting a man so that he cannot have a second family of his own. After all, most men do establish a second family and while they may have only ONE child by their first wife (or even short-term girlfriend - p.s. How did they get on this gravy train!?!?!), the LIONS SHARE of his income - some 40% of his take home pay, $1,000/month AND MORE goes to his ex-whatever. 

Liberal is liberal from single life to death, ladies. The same goes for being conservative. You do not get to switch whenever it suits you. 

That's called being FICKLE. THAT, most Western women can claim, at ALL times.

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