Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Women Going Back to the Stoneage, Because of One Man!

Fear! Fear! Quick, run for YOUR LIVES, LADIES! Paul Ryan is out to GET YOU! He's evil! He suggests women have no fair pay problem! (Ignore those pesky statistics from the government's own OMB that says he's right), He thinks putting the choice of having children ONLY AND ENTIRELY in the hands of one gender (women) may be bad for kids, dads, and families! OH MY GOD, NO! And he might think exploding single motherhood is a crisis that has been proven time and again to be bad for innocent children. HOW AWFUL!

But don't worry, I mean N.O.W. owns Barak Obama, his wife and most of the CONgress, so ladies - hehe, I mean, immature 18-35 year old girls - can go back to doing WHATEVER they want, WHENEVER they want (but we'll make sure men don't, because that might make women nervous and unsettled. I mean, women aren't RESPONSIBLE for their actions! Come on! That's not nice! I mean equality isn't really equality and fairness is whatever N.O.W. defines it to be. tee hee.)

p.s. I'm no Paul Ryan fan.

UltraViolet is another feminazi organization that claims to not be. They are for "equality at a higher frequency." WTF is that? This is America, you morons. We, the people, are guaranteed equality by the U.S. Constitution. No more, no less. Women and men don't enjoy equality. ACTUAL FACTS support this. Women are now outpacing men in nearly EVERY single economic statistic there is for literally decades, and men have been falling so far behind, even feminists professors are talking about a "boy gap." If we're equal than why are colleges being forced to WEIGHT male applicants in a desperate attempt to keep incoming classes at 50% of men and women? Because women are so far behind? Yeah right. This people need to take their head out of their ass and digest ACTUAL FACTS.

This group supports the Violence Against Women act. That alone ought to turn you against them. HEY UV! TELL ME, IF VIOLENCE IS ILLEGAL FOR EVERYONE, WHY DO YOU NEED A SPECIAL LAW TO OUTLAW IT AGAINST WOMEN!?!?!?! VIOLENCE AGAINST WOMEN IS ALREADY ILLEGAL!!!!

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