Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Don't Rape? Thanks for Stopping Me! Ok, when do Don't Murder! Don't Steal! and Don't Commit Arson! come out?

Because all any (disturbed, possibly psychopathic, violent, drug-addled) person needs is a pamphlet to prevent them from raping someone!?!?!

Is this supposed to be funny? Because its logically comical. Rapists don't read pamphlets only days or moments before committing a rape.

I really have no idea what they will do, I'm not one, but from what I understand Rape is NOT about sex, its about POWER and people who are after power don't take advice from random posters begging them not to do something (anything).

Further this poster is wildly offensive. Don't put drugs in women's drinks? What? Is there a rash of that happening? I would submit there is not, but further I would submit that when you go to a loud noisy club full of strangers you ought not to be taking drinks from sketchy looking guys as a general rule; also as a general rule, you should not leave your drink unattended. Never, ever, ever go home with a man from a club. All any DECENT man wants when he buys you a drink is the chance to talk to you and ask for your phone number if he likes you. When the Hell did sex - THAT NIGHT - become involved? What a ridiculous escalation! What is this, the middle of WWII and people are all going to die tomorrow? Come now.

Further, statistics prove this is a joke. 1/3rd of all women on dating web-sites have sex with men they meet online on the very first date. Don't believe me? Look it up.

How sad is that?

Fellas, you don't have to spike anyone's drink. Just post an online profile showing you are a bad ass alpha male and take the girl out to dinner; now granted many of those online people are good matches and "hit it off" on the first date, but ladies, listen up - if you sleep with us on the first date, a little part of us, no matter how small, will lose respect for you and that will never come completely back.

And don't forget, sex means children. Don't give me your bullshit about birth control and family planning. Sex is mother nature's way of making children so EXPECT to get pregnant. Maybe not the first time, maybe not the second, but eventually, you will (and then you will act surprised).

But wow, I'm SO GLAD we're not making any posters that say "Gee, maybe all this sex with people who will not become your spouse is A BAD IDEA in general ESP. for women. Studies have shown when women have more than JUST ONE sex partner before marriage (not unusual) her long time odds of divorce go up MARKEDLY, in some studies as much as 50%.

So if we want to help women (like help them avoid DIVORCE), why not post posters that tell them not to sleep with any man who doesn't want to get married!?!?!?

And oh, sleeping with your future lifelong husband brings your rape risk down to what..... zero?

Let's make sure we don't say things like "DON'T GET DRUNK AND KNOCK ON AN OVER-SEXED ATHLETE'S DOOR AT 2 AM" cuz you know, if that guy let's you in and you start slobbering all over him and turn him on and he starts having intercourse with you IT IS ALL HIS FAULT.

Grow up, already. Give the girls a break. They're half-drunk, half-awake, doped up on anti-depressants, overeducated on feminazi propaganda, following doctrine that fails them, chasing alpha males that use them, and they're sick, tired, lonely, and depressed.

Wake up and get serious about the truth. The girls are trained to be targets because they're told SO MANY LIES. Men are programmed for sex ladies. Demand lots of dates and rings and lifetime promises. Demand it because you're worth it. Demand it and you'll get it. Drink jungle punch at a frat party looking like a slut and start grinding on testosterone-filled young men on the dance floor and your odds for rape will skyrocket. TAKE CONTROL OF YOUR PERSONAL LIFE and NEVER put yourself in a bad, HIGH-RISK situation. Throwing some guy in jail for rape is TOO LATE; you've already been raped - ignore this dumb-ass poster and take every precaution you can to AVOID any and all situations that could get you sexually assaulted.

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