Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Man Shoots Intruder Coming Through Window at 5:30 a.m., Gets Death Penalty

Why? Because the intruder he shot was a cop attempting to, are you ready for this, SERVE A SEARCH WARRANT.

Let's summarize: there are good cops, great cops, below average cops and morons. File this under morons. The cop serving the warrant was an 18 year veteran. Someone please tell me how it makes practical sense to BREAK IN - yes, that's what they were doing, to deliver a search warrant?

The police did not knock on the door. Did not scream "POLICE, OPEN UP!" Nothing. Instead, in the early morning, when people are disoriented from sleep, they go in through a window? That's called breaking and entering. Its a crime. Its illegal. A search warrant does not give the police the right to break in. They must, BY LAW, give a copy of the search warrant to the resident notifying them of their rights as well as proving - via the warrant - that A MAGISTRATE has seen fit to issue a warrant giving the police the right to enter your home against your objection. This is always done calmly and deliberately because you are ENTERING SOMEONE'S RESIDENCE. GET IT? ITS NOT THE COP'S HOUSE. They can't just bust in the door and start screaming at people, THEY DON'T HAVE THAT RIGHT. The only time a no-knock "raid" is considered justified is when there is a house of KNOWN felons who are KNOWN to carry weapons and even then the cops are on thin legal ice.

Now, the police have the right to defend themselves, so they often serve search warrants armed, with multiple cops, and, IF CIRCUMSTANCES WARRANT IT, a S.W.A.T team; so again, if a house of 15 men known to carry arms is to be searched, SWAT would most likely come along to serve the warrant, its only prudent.

THE HOUSE IN THIS CASE HELD JUST ONE MAN. ONE. MAN. This did not require the police SWAT team - and their automatic rifles - at all. AT. ALL. They could've simply served the warrant DURING THE GODDAMN DAY! Hello? Are they morons? Why serve a warrant at 5:30 a.m.?!?!? I would be scared shitless if someone knocked on the door at that hour NEVERMIND came in through a bloody WINDOW! You go in someone's window, at night, Hell, even if you know them, be prepared to be assaulted. You will scare and startle someone and that can only instill them with fear, which leads to defense of their bodily person, something the U.S. CONSTITUTION PROMISES IS THEIR GOD-GIVEN RIGHT. PERIOD. THE END.

The cops BROKE IN to a SINGLE man's home, carrying guns, and they were shot at. GEE, NO KIDDING! WTF is so wrong with knocking on the door? And to top it off, THERE WERE NO DRUGS IN THE RESIDENCE! So they received a FALSE TIP that the man possessed drugs (not a really scary crime, if you ask me; unless he's got 50 kilos of cocaine or something, why would he be considered dangerous? Someone with a few grams of a banned substance is planning to use it themselves in all likelihood - what the Hell about that requires a SWAT team?), and then broke into the home and discovered no drugs were there. Uhhhhh, that equates to THE POLICE FUCKED UP, and since they broke into the home without serving the warrant FIRST, they have broken the law and should be sent to jail - YES, JAIL - no one, NO ONE, is above the law, NOT EVER. If the police get cut a little slack because of the difficulty of exercising caution, yet being exposed to attack, I'll understand, but this is something else entirely.

And what do we see? We see a court system that is MARRIED TO THE POLICE. The judges, prosecutors and police ARE ALL THE SAME THING. No prosecutor is charging the police with a crime, no judge is (yet) throwing out the charge against the man whose home was broken into! This case SHOULDN'T EVEN MAKE IT TO TRIAL. There is a clear justification of a man defending his person and home, AND THAT'S THAT! If the police don't want to get shot at, they should not BREAK AND ENTER A HOME without a warrant to BREAK AND ENTER (there is no such thing) - they have a SEARCH warrant, which they FAILED TO SERVE, so they are simply intruders after that. The resident of the home can't see or hear that THE POLICE ARE BREAKING IN THROUGH A WINDOW! And why would he think the police were breaking in, after all, that's illegal!!!!

That the police would even ATTEMPT to break-in to such a non-threatening home with one man in it, IS ITSELF WILDLY CONCERNING! There is NO CAUSE for the police to do that, especially in this case! This "bad guy" was one man home alone, asleep, and not in possession of any drugs!!!

Further, the REAL risk here is that people - law obeying citizens, stop cooperating with the police! Regular citizens could, justifiably, become AFRAID of the police and see them as assailants and NOT protectors! WHAT THEN!?!??! Then the police NEVER catch the bad guys because no one will testify as a witness or give a statement about a crime they have information about! So MORE bad guys go lose. Further, and a BIG ISSUE BEING MISSED BY ALL, is that if the police take any old tip from any "informant," without confirming it with their own research and reconnaissance, then THIS BECOMES THE SALEM WITCH TRIALS - like what is happening in Iraq. Have a business competitor you want to get rid of? Have a rival to the girl you want? JUST GIVE THE POLICE A TIP THEY POSSESS DRUGS! The police kick in the door to "serve a warrant" and a shootout takes place with the "accused perpetrator" (who is innocent) either shot, or accused of attempted murder/murder of a police officer!

This is not new. It is WELL known that members or family members of drug gangs tip off the police to hit rival gangs who possess narcotics or weapons, illegally. Its just a method to get rid of your competition.


Scary times.

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