Monday, September 15, 2014

How Bad (and False) is the "MAN IS BIG, EVIL MONSTER, WOMAN IS SMALL, HELPLESS CHILD" Narrative?

From the ultra-feminist The Guardian, a British rag that claims to be progressive and enlightened but usually just pushes the stereotypical crap about ALL men being monsters and perpetrators, comes this:

This article is just FULL of examples of the false modern-media narrative about domestic violence. It highlights one especially vulgar example, Kelly Brook, who struck not one, but two ex-boyfriends, then laughed about it in an interview (imagine a man doing that? He'd castrated as a "savage woman beater" on the front page news the very next day) and declared no biggie, she'll just keep moving on - yet another fine example of an emotionally damaged female pretending to act blaze and powerful about her relationships, when bouncing from alpha male to alpha male has clearly and irrevocably shaken her faith in herself as a woman able to retain a man as well as her ability to trust a man not to hurt her. Her pain translated to such rage, she struck two men - both of whom could've retaliated, but who instead ran away and failed to report the DOMESTIC VIOLENCE they suffered.

The only disappointment about the article is, of course, the comments section, which if full of "I am a big strong man so when old girlfriends hit me, it was ok, and not really abuse [sic]." Masterful job of missing the article's point, oh educated public. Violence is violence, regardless of gender. And when one partner hits another, bad things happen, including retaliation, sooner or later, and in some cases, justifiably so.

The bright spot in the comments come from the men who were beaten and scratched my female partners and called the police only to be ARRESTED THEMSELVES. You can't make this stuff up; throwing a big fat spotlight on what is a total farce of a DV policy. The DV policy in the western world is any-accused-of-DV-man-is-a-free-lunch for police to pad their arrest numbers, for lawyers to get a paying client, for more criminal cases to justify more judges, more state control of the family, more state employees, more tax dollars, more DV revenue, etc. etc. etc..

People who are part of this for-profit system will tell you from their own mouths they see injustice committed every. single. day. and are helpless to stop it or interfere with it for fear of being castigated a "misogynist, a woman-hater," [or conversely a man-lover? a modern-day "nigger-lover?!?!"]. Every society has its made-up villains. In the early 1900s the myth was the ravenous, violent negro who was going to rape the white women, and murder and plunder. Then came the managed ghettos in housing projects, the absurd drug laws making possession of mere grams of banned substances a 10 year prison sentence - a victimless crime with a mandatory minimum of 10 years?!?! These policies incarcerated 10% of the total African American male population - absolutely absurd figures. And today its the myth of the raping, violent, monstrous young alpha male, ignoring women's feelings, beating them and raping them at will with no consequence.

Ask anyone off the street what the raging epidemic of our times are, crime-wise, and they'll croon Domestic Violence - the men are abusing women. Ask ANY politician, esp. any Democrat, and they'll SCREAM DV, knowing that it resonates with their female voters and disillusioned, self-hating male voters, hoping it'll buy them a reelection, yet knowing damn well that no amount of laws will prevent dysfunctional men and women from engaging in physical conflict, something anyone with rational thought will understand, and something statistically proven by study after study.

But the modern media and its low ratings, the politicians and their ULTRA low ratings, the billion dollar National Organization for Women with NO LEGITIMATE battles left to fight, all have a message and an agenda and they will cram it down your throats no matter how little sense it makes.

We can only hope FACTS and REASON win out in the end. In the meantime, listen to all the lonely young women whine about how men avoid them like the plague....

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