Monday, December 08, 2014

Bill Cosby: Indicative of All Hollywood

I'm no Bill Cosby apologist, but I think people are taking away the wrong message from his scenario, which is that he basically kept a harem of young women, and many of these women went along with it, it seems. Why!?!? Because THAT IS HOW MUCH OF HOLLYWOOD FUNCTIONS.

Now, I wish that NONE of the women had gone along with it, and that they had all kicked the guy in the groin and stormed off. That said, if a big-shot, rich actor has his personal assistant get you, a young, sexy woman, a room connected to his on a long trip, and Bill is "helping your career," whilst you give him..... well nothing, what do you think is going on!?!? This man IS NOT YOUR DAD and has no responsibility to act like him. So keep your eyes open to what's going on.

Secondly, much of Hollywood is DRUNK with money, power, control, and influence. It is ANOTHER WORLD. Sex is often used as payment or compensation for others helping your career or pushing your name to the top of the list. This is DISGUSTING, and I am APPALLED. This is so pervasive in Hollywood that I'm sure Bill Cosby is a little stunned at WHY HE IS BEING SINGLED OUT for doing what so many others continue to do every day, year-round.

They key takeaway here is that Hollywood has become BIZARRO-WORLD; bent, twisted, crooked, ass-backwards liberal mecca for the rich, powerful and corrupt (Hollywood movies even hint at this culture of sexual-favor in their own movies!). There are even rumors of pedophiles (with money and positions of power) swarming to the place to take advantage of the ultra-lax lifestyle and culture while authorities look the other way with their hand out for a cut of the river of Hollywood money rolling in.... I have no problem judging Bill Cosby as a exploiter of women, but I'd rather people focused on the TWISTED, SICK CULTURE in which this is made allowable for so long.

Also, the women (their careers be damned) should've come forward MUCH SOONER and demanded he be charged with gross sexual misconduct at a BARE MINIMUM. And remember what sort of filth is being done, circulated, and covered-up in trashy, bizzaro-world Hollywood, a hangout of slaves and their twisted Masters.

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