Monday, December 08, 2014

Ultimate Comparison: Lazy Woman vs. Constructive Woman

You are responsible for your own happiness. If you are not happy, it is your responsibility to do something about it.

Best example I've ever heard of it, from both sides, here:
Also, LISTEN UP, LADIES, if you hear yourself expecting dinner, big wedding, house, car, etc.,  you better be prepared to give - and give and give and give. Marriage is an exchange, not male slavery.

My one difference with the author of this video is that many women only want to work hard on raising their family - tending to the kids, housework, etc., and that's fine. That IS working hard. But if that is the case, then these women need to DIAL DOWN their expectations. Its very hard these days for a man to make the salary of TWO people. So if he is doing that, you need to BEND OVER BACKWARDS for the guy because he's probably killing himself day-in, day-out to make that kind of money.... Also, spending all of that money is not your right, so quit obsessing over every little material knick-knack you find.

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