Wednesday, December 10, 2014

The Problem With Fallacious Arguments

Is that some intelligent people will notice.

#1, immigrants vote OVERWHELMINGLY for the very political party the president is a part of. So he has conducted a self-serving act for himself and his party while cutting out the other representatives elected by much of America?

#2, The President's mother immigrated from Kenya to Hawaii (in all likelihood AFTER he was born), and she had practically nothing; she and her husband had split up. Now her son says women like her should be granted, magically, full citizenship, and be given everything she might need - food stamps, shelter, health care, etc.. Its too late for that, Mr. President, and its not your singular right to go "saving the "helpless" women."

Note the video author specifically states open boarders are not the problem, open boarders PLUS a MASSIVE welfare state funded by trillions of taxpayer dollars cannot stand, as you cannot know who is coming to America to work hard and who is coming just to milk the system (live off your tax dollars). And remember, states like California are struggling with bankruptcy, in part, due to their ultra-lax attitude towards Mexicans coming into California and milking the social welfare state - and that was additionally confirmed to me by... a Mexican immigrant!

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