Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Rolling Stone's Reputation Thrown Out with the Trash

"...with Rolling Stone editor Sean Woods' initial claim that "I’m satisfied that [the perpetrators] exist and are real. We knew who they were."

[JB] So a girl who wanted some attention, fabricated a story, slandered an entire fraternity (I'm no fan of frats, either), and nearly got a quasi-fictitious man thrown in jail. Every man on campus should thank her. If she had merely picked a different name, one man on campus could be headed to jail right now or even had his reputation ruined (wouldn't be the first time). I'm guessing "Jackie" here had sex she didn't mean to have, but like so many girls, didn't know how to stop it. She was traumatized by this. Maybe she even feared for her reputation (if her partner bragged to his frat buddies), so she spread this wild story to beat him to the punch.

Then she tried to withdraw the story and Rolling Stone went with it anyway? BRILLIANT, RS! WTF were you thinking?!?!?! 

Her friends, who were supposedly pricks worried about their own rep, came clean and ole' Jackie was left high and dry, surrounded by only her lies. Whups.

Its sad, because I do feel bad for Jackie, but that only goes so far. She committed slander, and libel and THOSE are actual civil offenses she should be held accountable for.

Frats, I worry, are filled with a pack of hormonal boys hellbent on sexual conquest (they're 18-21 for chrissake). Ladies, if you go to a frat, know that the guys are cruising FOR SEX ONLY. Forget any relationship bullshit. In short, stay away from them, I don't care how awesome their parties are.

Here's the timeline, according to the friends:
The three friends said that Jackie soon began talking about a handsome junior from chemistry class who had a crush on her and had been asking her out on dates.
Intrigued, Jackie’s friends got his phone number from her and began exchanging text messages with the mysterious upperclassman. He then raved to them about “this super smart hot,” freshman who shared his love of the band Coheed and Cambria, according to the texts, which were provided to The Post. ...
Jackie told her three friends that she accepted the upperclassman’s invitation for a dinner date on Friday Sept. 28, 2012.
Curious about Jackie’s date, the friends said that they failed to locate the student on a U-Va. database and social media. Andy, Cindy and Randall all said they never met the student in person. Before Jackie’s date, the friends said that they became suspicious that perhaps they hadn’t really been in contact with the chemistry student at all.
U-Va. officials told The Post that no student by the name Jackie provided to her friends as her date and attacker in 2012 had ever enrolled at the university. Randall provided The Post with pictures that Jackie’s purported date had sent of himself by text message in 2012.
The Post identified the person in the pictures and learned that his name does not match the one Jackie provided to friends in 2012. In an interview, the man said that he was Jackie’s high school classmate but that he “never really spoke to her.”
The man said that he was never a U-Va. student and is not a member of any fraternity. Additionally, the man said that he had not visited Charlottesville in at least six years and that he was in another state participating in an athletic event during the weekend of Sept. 28, 2012.

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