Thursday, February 02, 2012

Crazy Stupid Love: Definitely Crazy and Stupid

I liked the movie from a pure entertainment standpoint. I'm a bit of a Steve Carrell fan; he's an everyman type of character and maybe just a bit too much of the stumbling, bumbling, goofy husband, but he's a decent actor.

The movie was, like most movies these days, a total failure from the standpoint of being a model for behavior; in fact it was basically a story on how to succomb to your every emotional whim and behave like an immature, stupid kid. The movie isn't supposed to be any kind of model, I know. Unfortunately, it functions as exactly that for many. Its Hollywood poison. And while men may scoff at it; most women are too damn sensitive and emotional to really think the thing through. Further, young women and young men are completely too immature to weigh its meaning.

In the movie Julianne Moore is married to Steve Carrel and Steve Carrel's character is something of a doofus. His clothes are too big for him. He mumbles. He bumbles. He hunches. His clothes are an insult to clothing. He wears sneakers everywhere. He's the antithesis of masculinity, charm, and confidence. In short, he's everything women pray they don't end up with. He has a good job and helps pay the bills but when did that get a man any respect these days?

So what does his wife do to help him rediscover himself, realize who he is and take charge of his life again?

She fucks another man.

Steve's response? To jump out of the moving car he's in when she tells him this. Later in the movie, Steve realizes "his mistake" and apologetically declares "I should've fought for you!" to which Julianne Moore's character expresses relief and happiness. This is after he's moved out and their children are in an emotional death spiral.

Before putting another man's penis inside her, did Julianne Moore ever tell her faithful husband:

What she needed to hear from him?


Did she ever ask him why he wasn't taking care of himself or why he seemed depressed?


Did she ever try to take responsibility for his lack of desire for her? i.e. Was she overweight, ignoring him, insulting him, henpecking him, etc.? (If she had, the answer would've been No, but its still important to ask).


Did she do anything to emotionally support the man she swore to support in good times and bad, in sickness and in health, for rich or for poor, on the altar all those years ago.


Did she suggest marriage counseling?


Who are we supposed to blame for everything?

Steve Carrel's character.

Is Steve Carrel responsible for his decay? Of course he is. Was the wake-up call he deserved his wife's infidelity?

Give me a break.

You don't "bounce back" from that one folks. This women put part of another man inside her and God knows what other acts. And her husband is supposed to go back to courting her?

Are you fucking kidding?

Why would he? So if he hits another rough patch in his life she can run off and screw someone else again?

Her actions are a lesson in WHAT NOT TO DO to address such a problem.

Coming home and telling her husband, "Honey, you've lost your will to live and if you don't change soon I'm going to lose mine too. Get some help and go to the gym or else I'm leaving you," would've been MUCH kinder and infinitely more honest, direct, and truthful than the path she did take. The path she took was taken out of selfishness, insecurity, anxiety and fear. She felt that she was unattractive and undesirable and she tested her thesis by throwing herself at another man (Kevin Bacon).

Try talking to your husband about how you feel ladies, instead of trying to catch an STD, risk pregnancy, oh, and involve another man's emotions, just because you're feeling a little sad.

Jesus H. Christ.

What would we have done to Steve Carrel's character if he had cheated on his wife because he had been feeling undesireable? Volunteered to spear the fuck, that's what.

Women of the world, I implore you, TALK to your partner and for Chrissake keep your pants on. Its called being a grown up. Its not easy, its not fun and many days, its Hell, but do it; its nearly impossible to escape in life.


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