Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Man Convicted of Rape Without Anyone Knowing What Happened

Here is a young man with a bright future. He has his whole life ahead of him. He's a standout athlete. He has big dreams. He's already been drafted by one of the best hockey teams in the world - the Detroit Red Wings - and he has obviously just a made a big mistake. We just don't know what it is. He's been ACCUSED of rape. That's all we know. Why actually happened? Only he and his accuser knows. He has plead not guilty, so clearly there isn't incontrovertible evidence, such as DNA, vaginal tearing, bruising, and the like - those are things that turn up when a FBI rape kit is run and they are a slam dunk for prosecutions. Understand this dear reader - Rape is a CLASS A FELONY. You go to jail for A VERY LONG TIME. So what actually happened? No one knows because "prosecutors did not disclose any information about the allegations in court today, where Boston Municipal Court Judge Franco Gobourne ordered all reports in the case impounded, citing confidentiality of the alleged victim."

I'm sorry, but when you accuse someone of rape, your confidentiality is gone. You are now involved in a felony, as the victim. You have to come out and identify yourself. Its going to come out eventually anyway. We don't have ghosts accusing us of crimes in this country - IT WOULD MAKE ACCUSATIONS EASIER - A.K.A. WITCH HUNTS. I'm sorry, but its called 'courage' and this is one of those times in life when you have to use it. Its hard, I'm sure. I'm sure its Hell. I don't care. This young man could be facing 10 years or more of jail. YOU HAVE TO STAND UP, MS. VICTIM. In 10 years, you will be long gone and this young man could still be rotting away what should've been glorious hockey victories in jail. Rape has been used as a "revenge" tactic before. THE AUTHORITIES NEED TO KNOW EXACTLY WHAT HAPPENED. NOW. PERIOD. That includes her name. NOW. THIS IS A CRIMINAL MATTER, MEANING ITS A MATTER OF PUBLIC RECORD.

Further, all that's happened so far is an accusation. Like me calling you a liar or thief. Its just an accusation. We need what's called "discovery." That's where evidence is brought forth showing this is more than he-said, she-said. The prosecutor isn't showing any "reports" (evidence) right now, but he'll be forced to eventually, so I don't know what he's waiting for. Meanwhile, this young man has been KICKED OFF THE HOCKEY TEAM AND EXPELLED.

Time out. For what, exactly? For being accused? Being accused is not a crime. At all. Yes he was involved in something and probably made bad judgement. SOMEONE ELSE DID TOO. Who did what to whom exactly? Who is guilty of what?


And before we do know? He's GONE. Kicked off the hockey team and banished. Gee, that's open-minded of the University. Do they teach critical thinking courses at that school?


What was done to the alleged victim?


This is a even-handed process? Are you fricking kidding me?!?!?

If he brutally raped this girl, I'll be happy to see him hang. But as possible as it is that happened, its also possible they had a simple misunderstanding, were both drunk, had a fight, were jealous of someone else, etc., etc. Again: WE. JUST. DON'T. KNOW.

The school? DIDN'T EVEN WAIT FOR AN EVIDENTUARY HEARING TO HEAR THE FACTS. They've made up their mind and he's gone.

Gee, thanks, BU. I guess they don't believe in the judicial system.


I went to UMaine - a major Division I hockey school. I bartended games. I knew players. I got a firsthand look. It was ugly. REALLY ugly. Hockey players were considered Gods on earth. The girls chased them - ENTIRE SORORITIES chased them. We called them "puck sluts" because they would do anything for a hockey player. I watched hockey players turn their backs on SMOKING hot girls and move on to the next. They had THAT kind of demand. It was sick. Did I envy the hockey players? Perhaps. But honestly I was too disgusted at the sight of women throwing themselves at these men. Needless to say, hockey players were accustomed to having sex whenever they felt like it, including after games. I'm guessing that's what happened here. Only perhaps the girl changed her mind and this man was not accustomed to being told "No." But that's only a theory. Something else to keep in mind here: while we're all ready to hang this boy, guilty or not, remember the culture he lives in - with girls LINED OUT THE DOOR waiting for their turn to get screwed and kicked to the curb.

Its no excuse for misconduct, but it certainly creates an environment ripe for this kind of incident, doesn't it?

A writer for the Boston Herald - a conservative newspaper - came out with an opinion today. Was it that college kids are out of control and that perhaps another angle to this would be for ladies to stop lining up for college hockey stars?

No. It was that the hockey players are out of control and are disrespectful jerks.

I don't disagree. But as always, all other contributing factors ARE IGNORED. How about the high school curriculum that ensures MANY MORE WOMEN GET THE GRADES TO APPLY FOR AND GET ACCEPTED INTO COLLEGE THAN MEN, leaving women with fewer choices for mates and jacking up competition (sexual competition) for men like this hockey stud?




And the beat goes on.

Max Nicastro, Boston University hockey player, pleads not guilty to two counts of rape; released on bail
02/21/2012 5:05 PM

A standout Boston University hockey player was released on $10,000 cash bail this afternoon, several hours after pleading not-guilty to two counts of rape on the Riverside campus.

Max Nicastro, 21, a junior from Thousand Oaks, Calif., is no longer enrolled at the university, a school spokesman said today. Nicastro held a legal pad in front of his face during his arraignment in Brighton Municipal Court, in an apparent attempt to conceal his face from cameras inside the courtroom.

The sexual assault allegedly occurred early Sunday, just hours after Nicastro scored a goal in BU’s loss to UMass-Lowell Saturday at Agannis Arena. He was taken into police custody at 6:30 a.m.

His mother was present for the arraignment, having flown from the West Coast, but she declined to comment outside the courtroom immediately after the arraignment, and several hours later when her son was released on bail.

Hugh Curran, Nicastro’s attorney, said during the arraignment, “we believe that when all the facts are out there, this will be found to not be a criminal act.”

Suffolk prosecutors did not disclose any information about the allegations in court today, where Boston Municipal Court Judge Franco Gobourne ordered all reports in the case impounded, citing confidentiality of the alleged victim.

Nicastro, a star defenseman and third-round pick of the Detroit Red Wings in 2008, is the second BU player in the last 10 weeks to face sexual assault charges.

The team’s leading scorer, Corey Trivino, was arrested Dec. 11 on numerous charges after he allegedly broke into a woman’s room at night.

Trivino, who pleaded not guilty to the charges, was thrown off the hockey team. Nicastro had been suspended from the team. But this afternoon, Colin Riley, a BU spokesman, confirmed that Dicastro is no longer a student at BU, but declined to say whether Nicastro withdrew or whether he’d been expelled.

Nicastro was ordered yesterday by Judge Franco Cobourne to stay away from his accuser.

Nicastro was ordered to return to court on March 26 for a probable cause hearing. Calls to BU athletic director Mike Lynch were not returned.

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