Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Problem Liberals Will Never Get

Birth Control.

Its a loaded gun - literally. Like a penis. No joke intended.

The Catholic church doesn't want it. Obama does. Both are right.

Whaaa? you say?

Yeah, you heard me. Both are right. Look, poor people get pregnant - constantly. I know. The statistics prove it. Plus, my ex was trailer trash (in disguise), and the woman had 4 abortions - FOUR. She was physically unable to have any more lest she damage her reproductive system. Would've been nice to know before sleeping with her, right? Don't date liars.

Now, back to birth control. Poor people need it. A LOT OF IT. And that's just a fact; its a societal need. Not an individual need - a societal need. Do you or I or anyone want abortion? No. Its horror. Its murder, basically. The problem? We need poor people to stop having kids. They kids get sub-standard parenting, they go to poor schools, they have children out of wedlock, they have broken families - its just a statistical fact. Its bad for society for the poor to have kids they can't afford, and since you can't stop them from having sex.... Its so bad that some states subsidize abortions for the poor. I don't blame them. Do you want more poor kids running around? Needing food stamps and social programs? No. Nor do I.

The Problem

The problem with this is the same problem that always pops up: the middle and upper classes. They don't need abortions, or shouldn't. They can afford their kids (unless you're a divorced man). Yet they get abortions and they also use birth control pills, contraceptives, etc.. But that is good! Right?

No. Its not. Birth control for married people planning to have only two kids or controlling their family size in some way via condoms, birth control pills, etc. - that is one thing. But there is a hidden evil: it allows people to sleep around. It allows them, nay, encourages them, to be indecisive, lazy, depraved, sluts. Because there is no repercussion for their action. Women and men are in no hurry to get married these days; many don't even marry at all. They have seen horrible divorces and non-committal sex is easy. That was not the case 50 years ago; people very badly needed and wanted sex - but it couldn't be had outside of marriage. This made everyone take dating and marriage VERY SERIOUSLY. True, some got married too early, but marriage is not some love poem - IT IS HARD WORK AND IT IS A CHOICE AT THE END OF THE DAY. Ask any therapist considered a leading expert - love is short, chaotic, and disintegrates easily. Marriage involves love but is not totally dependent on love. Otherwise it wouldn't last. People are not perfect. Love is a feel good drug. Non-perfect people on a love-high DO NOT LAST. Marriage is something else. In the old days, people learned the difference REAL FAST and they made it work - they found a way.


In the old days sex = marriage and marriage = realistic actions and responsibilities. So everyone was made better to a certain extent by these simple equations. Or at least they had to act better. If you were not a quality person, no one would marry you and if you didn't get married, you did not have any sex (hardly). So there is but one choice: marry and stay married.

Today? You don't have to marry to have sex; Hell, most women are comfortable with having children without being married - and blaming all of their choices on the "man who wouldn't marry me." Women act like men, men are confused, women are confused, guidance for both is zilch and society disintegrates likewise. Women want marriage and kids but do not ask for that and frankly LIE about wanting it. Men want sex and love and understanding and will give to get it, but don't know what's expected of them and receive only complaints and disappointment. Complaints that they are not more "manly - high earning and chivalrous" and disappointment that they don't read women's minds, marry them, give them several kids and a big house, all in return for her "love" which as we just discussed, may be quite fleeting, as all love is.

So the kids use birth control to get what they need: sex, avoid what they want: love, and destroy what's best for them: marriage.

Well done, everyone.

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