Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Danger for Women; Men Not So Lucky

Most Dangerous Countries for Women:

Afghanistan, Congo, Pakistan, India, Somalia

Most Dangerous Countries for Men:

All of them.

The Congo is a tribal wasteland as is Somalia, and India's biggest problem is female infanticide due to the dowry system and extreme poverty. Poor families cannot give money for a woman to be married - so she remains at home forever; hence POOR families desperately do not want a female baby. The daughters they do have are cared for greatly, especially those not had by the poor. The dowry system and lack of good education for poor girls is to blame, not some random feelings of hatred toward women. Further, the conditions in most of the countries above are horrible and most of the country is thinking of nothing but survival. When you are trying to just survive, there are different rules. They are brutal rules. Life comes and goes too quickly. You, dear reader, and I, will never know what that's like so most of that entire story is out of context for a Western reader.

While the women in the photos above pull at your heartstrings, remember the men in some of those countries are off fighting off poverty, corruption, murder, and waging guerilla warfare, some against the United States. The United States has bombs that burst into fire and suck the oxygen out of the air to suffocate you; it has laser guided bombs for accuracy, automated machine guns that fire hundreds of bullets PER SECOND, flamethrowers, mines that blow out of the ground and explode at genital-level, and tanks that could turn a house into firewood with one shot.

But let's talk about how dangerous countries are for women, because they are the only ones that count.

Always remember that men protect women, no matter how backwards the country is and if women are in danger, than men are being killed; blown away like flies in the wind and no one will ever give THEM a second thought because men ARE SUPPOSED TO DIE while women are supposed to stay comfortably at home with their feet up, watching network t.v. and complaining about how unhappy they are and if reality is anything different we are all to feel bad that WOMEN don't have an easier life.

The men? The men are already dead. We killed them in our mind before they even died in real life. No one will cry for the men and no one will write articles about how dangerous life is for men because men do. not. count.

And when men are gone the women will have no husbands, no brothers, no fathers and no sons. Where will they be then? This is a quiet underlying current the above article and others like it never touches because the hidden message of the feminazis is always there: men do nothing but hurt women and women are better off without them. The Western world has used laws, terror, intimidation and the violation of civil liberties to separate men from women and ruin them in the process. Divorced men kill themselves at a rate TEN TIMES that of divorced women. We simply are minimized to the point of killing ourselves. And so the women are left alone with no one but themselves, convinced men are evil, emotionally ruined, alone and eventually depressed and in despair.

Well done everyone.

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