Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Cities and States Bankrupt

Despite running profitable scams such as "child support" (which is really support for a mom who most likely has a college education, and probably remarried a few years after you split), cities and states are bankrupt, mainly from overpaying employees, especially with absurd, guaranteed pensions that kick in too early and pay too much to a teacher, fireman, or cop who is no longer working and may be as young as 40 or 50. Private sector workers do not receive a pension (its too costly for companies) and must save for their own retirement, which does not begin until they are 67.

Cities and States will try everything they can think of, starting with jacking up fees and taxes, and even child support, again. When you consider that all divorced men are considered "DEADBEAT DADS," and are held in contempt BY THE PUBLIC simply for being a divorced father, or worse - an out-of-wedlock father, then you know these men will be the first to be murdered.

I can hope they jack child support rates up to something approaching 100% of father's income, forcing the men to flee to Canada or else blow their brains out. 

Perhaps when ALL the dads from broken homes are dead or gone, someone will sit up and notice. Because what's been done so far, is an insult and affront to men, decency, equality, justice, The Bill of Rights, and the U.S. Constitution. But that hasn't caused things TO CHANGE. So what we are discovering is WHAT THE THRESHOLD IS for change to occur. So far, it seems that threshold is SOUL-CRUSHINGLY HIGH.

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