Sunday, July 29, 2012

Too Many Like This

Not all divorced women or ex-girlfriends are like this. Some are reasonable people.

But this is some of the crap men have to put up with.

Notice with what punishment this man was met with. A man taking care of his children.

"When Marcia Clark filed in November of 1993 for divorce from Gordon Clark the reasons she gave was that he was an embarrassment to her and the children by being a Stay-At-Home Dad. He did work from home as an Architect, making about $40,000 a year as compared to her $160,000 a year.

Mrs. Clark felt he needed to go back to school to get an advanced degree in architecture so that he could be working for a large firm and be a better example of a father to "her" children.

When she filed for divorce, she also filed for custody of the children, limiting his access to them to a set schedule of contact. However, as she worked over 100 hours a week, she had to hire a live in Nanny to care for them.

When she filed for the increase in child support, he responded with his own filing for custody, at which point she went before the cameras covering the OJ Simpson trial to declare him a deadbeat dad who only wanted custody in order to avoid paying child support. Because of the national media running with that story, now every time a father files for custody, it is claimed he is only doing it to avoid paying child support."

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