Monday, July 02, 2012

How ON EARTH Does This Carry On?

You may wake up some mornings and ask yourself, in the midst of paying thousands of dollars a month to an ex-wife or girlfriend who doesn't work, while your state collects millions of dollars from the Federal Government for "child support services," HOW ON EARTH has this transparent scam gone on so long without ANY whisper of investigation FROM ANYONE WITH A THINKING BRAIN, even in the outskirts of media, reporting, journalism, etc.!?!?!?

I have a list for you.

1. They picture the worst thing a lawyer friend of theirs has ever heard or "heard of." So they think its about saving children in tattered rags, or about a man who beats his poor, illiterate wife daily. They basically think of sub-Saharan Africa.

2. Its messy. "She cheated? He did? He's hiding money? Where? He didn't cheat but had dinner with a 'friend from college?' She says he beat her? But she's always looked fine and he's always been known as a nice guy? Right? Ahhhhhhhh!!!!! I don't want to know! My brain hurts! Its all just TOO MESSY! I have my own problems! Let some judge figure it out!"

3. Its dirty laundry. "She's been living off her dead husband's family for 3 years? What? I thought she was a doctor? He wants half HER money because he has a drug habit? Oh My God! I. Don't. Want. To. Know!"

4. "Hey, its family law; people drawn to the work are twisted lawyers, anyway. They're wanna-be judges. They have some personal ax to grind. They are trying to get back at someone for some personal events that happened a long time ago."

5. They believe the N.O.W.-sponsored party line: "Its all horrible crime against women!" Someone witnessed a rape, date rape, witnessed their mother suffering abuse at hands of father, an uncle abused someone's daughter, someone's son. "Get the men behind bars! Hurry! The men are loose and they're going to GET YOU!"

5. "Hey, its 2012, right? Ain't everything 50-50 nowadays? Yeah, yeah, I've heard a' 'joint custody,' whatever that is, so that sounds right. Yah. Uh huh. "

6. "Hey, you know there are lots of deadbeat dads out there, right? I've heard that term a lot. 'Deadbeat.' We don't allow 'deadbeats' in this country, son. We take care of OUR women. You got that! You little son-of-a-you-know-what! So don't go tellin' me their ain't men out there who had it comin'! That's right, I say they got what they deserved. Those SOBs shoulda taken a' care a' der wives. What are you gonna do, Blame the Women!?!? And I keep hearin' of these men who won't pay nothin' for their kids. So there must be a lot of 'em!" (The fact you or I probably don't know any and if you do know 'of' one, all you know is the ex-girlfriend or mom got a good lawyer and got "what she deserved," and no one knows why "HE moved away so suddenly (after losing his home, wife and children)."

7. Just grateful that men these days are "forced to pay" for their children! (Uh, I thought the kids belonged to both Mom and Dad? Why does only Dad pay for them? Do women not work or have money? Better check some economic stats before answering that one).

I mean, if these deadbeats (used in place of "men" or "fathers") didn't pay, why I've heard (i.e. THREATENED) that WE, (i.e. you, personally), would have to pay for "all of these men's children that are runnin' around! (cuz women are forced to have every child they conceive?)

And I only pay for my own kids, goddammit!" (The fact that a woman had sex with someone she was planning to have these children with, without asking or informing her partner about her plans (technically Fraud, if true), is quietly ignored; after all, that accusation would be to suggest women were planning to do what they were doing and would be impolite).

All of this is common to the imbeciles posing as educated citizens. The method is familiar. They take any pieces of reality or facts and twist them around their PRE-FORMED MISPERCEPTIONS.  It makes everything add up nice and tidy and let's them watch cable t.v. with microwaved dinners.

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