Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The End of Men


Imagine if The Atlantic posted something called "The End of Women." They would be called bigots and pigs and psychopaths. People would demand a retraction, apologies, editors fired, defamation lawsuits filed, etc..  Imagine if in India or China or the Middle East, they published something like this. You know what the response would be? "What on Earth are you talking about? Who is going to make money for the children and sleep with the women?" To which the only real answer could be "Women will make money AND take care of the children and.... well no one will really sleep with them on a regular basis. They will bounce around from guy to guy."  The Asian and Middle Eastern cultures would then tell you that you were TOTALLY INSANE, that women do not like bouncing around and that earning money AND child rearing is WAY TOO MUCH and that you are a mean, twisted sociopath for even suggesting it!

The magazine proudly displays a graphic of women with their hands on their hips, self-satisfied, smirking, vainglorious.

Men's response should be this: good for you; now go fuck yourselves. We have porn and video games. We can finally play pool and bowl and spend thousands on big t.v.'s and sports cars and strippers. No more sperm from us. Screw yourselves.

Disrespect intended.


Because women would say no less to men if we were proclaiming "The End of Women," and deservedly so.

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